What is 'Brute Force' Dictionary Hacking ?

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Brute Force' Dictionary Hacking

Hackers are intelligent people who can manipulate computer systems and force them to do things that they don't want.

Hackers use three common methods to get someone's password by:

  • Brute Force ('Dictionary') Repetition 
  • Social Engineering (generally: Phishing) 
  • Back Doors Administrator

Brute Force (aka 'Dictionary')

The term "Brute Force" means to repeatedly penetrate defenses. In the case of Hacking Passwords, they use Dictionary Software that combines words with thousands of different combinations. Brute Force always starts with simple letters like "a", "aa", "aaa", and then finally switches to full words. This can produce 50 to 1000 words per minute. The secret is that it takes days to crack your password.

Social Engineering Attack

Social Engineering is a modern game: Hackers manipulate you to divulge your account password by using some convincing contacts. This contact may involve direct face-to-face communication. Social Engineering Attack may also occur by telephone, for example where a Hacker will disguise himself as a bank representative who calls to confirm your telephone number and bank account number. The third and most common Social Engineering Attack is called Phishing. Phishing is a cloning site that can trap you.

Backdoors administrator

Such an attack is similar to stealing a building key from a janitor: the perpetrators access the system as if they were trusted employees. If a hacker can get into your system with an administrator account, Hackers can take passwords from many people on the system.

About Other Hacking

Hacking is greatly exaggerated by the media. While movies and TV shows about Hackers don't make much sense, you might have to consider watching Mr. Films. Robot if you want to see what hacktivists are doing.

Every smart web user, must know about suspicious people. Understanding who Hackers will help you maintain security.