Types of Computer-Based Social Engineering

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Computer-based social engineering refers to attacks carried out with the help of computer software to obtain the desired information. Some of these types of attacks are listed as follows:


Users who see a pop up click on a link directing them to visit the attacker's webpage, asking them to provide their personal information or asking them to download software that is likely to be a backend virus .

Insider attacks 

Shortages of this type is done from within the target tissue. Most of these attacks are carried out by employees who are dissatisfied with their position in the organization or because they have personal grudges against other employees or management.


Spammers often send mass e-mails to e-mails, for example, those who claim to be from the company and tell you that you have won one million rupiah . They ask you to click a link in an e-mail it to provide information such as name, address, and so forth . By using this method, Social Engineers can gather information .

Scam "Nigerian 419" 

In the fraud is , the attacker asks the target to make the payment by money transfer. D isebut 419 as "4-1-9" is part of the Nigerian Penal Code that prohibits this practice. Attackers or scammers usually send e-mails or offer letters with several profitable offers stating that their money has been trapped in several countries that are currently in a war, so they need help to spend money. These fraudsters ask you to pay money or give their bank account details you to help them transfer the money. K emudian youasked to pay fees, fees, or taxes to help release or transfer money from the country through banks.

Fake SMS 

In this type of attack , Social Engineer will send an SMS to the target claiming to be from a security agency and also claiming that it is urgent that the target contact the specified number . 

Maybe that's just the types of attacks Social Engineering, hopefully you can be on guard when you get an attack.