Tips for Learning Programming Languages

Thursday, 30 July 2020

As time passes, information technology is increasingly developing and developing. Automatic applications that we often use every day on the computer are made using the programming language.


Programming is very dependent on analytical skills, problem solving, concentration and accuracy. If you already understand and are able to overcome a problem by looking for gaps, then you can definitely master Programming.

This article was created because I often get questions from friends about how to overcome this, that, etc. related to Programming.

Okay, here are some tips from me when you want to learn Programming.

Choose the programming language you want to learn

There are lots of programming languages ​​you can choose from. Just choose the one that you think is suitable for study. In my experience, learning several programming languages ​​at one time is very confusing.

Each Mimimi Syntax (Writing) programming language is different. If you are new to programming languages, my advice try the "C" programming language, which is a basic programming language and is easy to learn. Afterwards, you can learn other programming languages.

Learn the basics

Each programming language has different rules and syntax. Therefore, learn the meaning of each code you write.

Learn the algorithm

Most beginners jump right into the code writing section after they understand a programming language. If you already understand a programming language but can't find it and can't solve a problem with the code, try learning and following the programming algorithm.

Make a comment

Ethics in programming is to write comments on lines of code. These ethics are basic things that are useful for programmers in understanding code from other programmers. If you don't use comments on the lines of code, then I'm sure you will definitely start to understand the code from the beginning over and over again.

do not give up

These tips are one of the best ways to learn programming languages. Working hard and regular practice can help you understand concepts quickly and efficiently.

Join the forum

If you are already very confused. Then the forum is the right place to ask. Make questions and you will surely get the answers. One of my favorite forums is stackoverflow.

Ask if it's tight

Asking people with experience is also very important because finding your own solution can take time.

Do a test

Testing when completing a code function can help you find the error code rather than testing when completing all the code.

Those are some tips from me about programming, hopefully this article is useful.