Tips, Preparations for Creating Your Own Blogspot Template

Friday, 5 June 2020
    Tips, Preparations for Creating Your Own Blogspot Template

This is a guide for you who want to learn to create your own blogspot template. There have been many bloggers who created blogs on blogspot this year. But not all bloggers can create blog templates / themes as desired.

Indeed, an achievement to be proud of, If you can create a blog template appearance according to your own taste, because to achieve all that, we must understand the function of all the code.

For those of you who want to learn to make templates easily, see the reviews we get below.

This paper comes from a review of answers from one of the template developers who have made templates on blogspot.

Tips, Preparations for Creating Your Own Blogspot Template

The word mas seo , an important point before learning to create your own blogspot template that must be learned is in terms of function and understanding of the code, as follows:

6 Blogspot Template Codes You Must Understand

  • XML Code ( This function is to understand the template language of Blogspot )
  • Conditional Tag Code (Special code that can only be used on to manage various page display data ) 
  • HTML Code ( Useful for creating various template templates )
  • CSS Code ( Useful as a template design display setting )
  • JavaScirpt & jQuery code ( Useful for creating various template functions )

Example of Template Framework Code Composition

<? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<! DOCTYPE html>
<! - meta title tags, CSS & JavaScript ->
<head />
<! - HTML tags of all header, navigation, post, sidebar, footer codes ->
<! - HTML head tag ->
<! - HTML tag posting area ->
<! - HTML tag sidebar widget ->
<! - HTML footer link tag ->
<footer />

For those who want to learn all the code above, can learn W3Scholl Online

If you have mastered and understood the function of all the code above, then the next step is to look for / determine a display design template that will be created.

Starting to Create and Define Template Display

Usually this work will be held by the web design team , as a reference to look for design appearance, mas seo also has provided several free site resources that can be used.

Already determine the appearance of the design template designed, then make the HTML code.

  • The skeleton area ( Body )
  • Head section theme ( Header wrapper )
  • Navigation menu ( Navigation / Menu link )
  • Post page ( Post wrapper )
  • Left / right side widget ( Sidebar wrapper )
  • The bottom area of ​​the theme ( Footer wrapper )

As an experimental tool, you can learn / modify the default template code from blogger.

Determine the Color of the Template

The next step is to choose various types of supporting template display needs.

Determine the color of the theme using CSS code, can search various template color codes, using the link below.

Choose the Font Type Template

Choose the type of theme font to use, as a reference site you can use the link below.

Define the Icon Template

Then choose the icon to support the display template, there are many kinds of icons that can be used, please you choose just 1 of the 4 icons below.

  • FontAwesome
  • Material Icons
  • IonIcons
  • SVG Icon

Install Template Support Code

Install the code JavaScript & jQuery , can be placed above the code </head>.

<script src = " jquery / 3.5.0 / jquery.min.js "> </script>

jQuery is a library code for the benefit of the JavaScirpt function, so what needs to be better understood is JavaScript code for creating various template functions.

JavaScript code is also quite difficult to learn, so you have to do experiments and practice often in order to understand.

Compiling Template

All the preparation tools for creating blogger templates are complete, we just need to continue to make HTML, CSS & JavaScript code arrangements.

You can read more about the answers to the SEO, about the process of creating blogger templates and purchased  which he wrote in the Quora forum.

Actually, to make a blogger template, just learn to edit the default template from that blogger.

For the existing facilities in each template, all that remains is to be equipped with various additional codes from various sources that you can get.

The final word

Maybe this is a little information that we can convey to you who want to learn to make templates on blogspot. 

See you again and look forward to another interesting guide article.