Experience Overcoming Adsense Ad Restrictions

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Experience Overcoming Adsense Ad Restrictions - For those of you who frequently visit the Technogratis blog maybe between January - February was surprised because Adsense ads on this blog do not appear. That's because on my Adsense account experiencing limits or restrictions on Adsense ads because there are parties who are ignorant.

Do not know the reason, someone did not commend the action on my blog so that it gets invalid traffic that results in restrictions on ad serving on all blogs on the account.

Almost one month this ad restriction lasts, and thank God this problem can be overcome and the Adsense account recovered from the restriction on serving AdSense ads so that the ads can appear again on all my blogs.

For that reason, now I share my experience in overcoming the limitations of this Adsense ad for friends who happen to experience the same thing.

Causes of Restrictions on Adsense Ads

In Google's efforts to protect advertisers and publishers from irresponsible parties, sometimes Google limits the number of ads displayed on an AdSense account.

And restrictions on serving AdSense ads occur because of 2 factors, namely Google needs to find out and evaluate about the quality of traffic on an account, and restrictions on Adsense ads occur because Google has detected an invalid traffic problem or invalid traffic on the AdSense account.

Account is being assessed

If ad serving to your Adsense account is limited because traffic issues are being assessed, it means that for the moment Google is assessing the quality of your traffic with an indefinite time.

Actions that must be taken

Because this problem is related to traffic, the action that must be taken to overcome it is to continue to create content or update the blog by making quality posts to build an audience to increase traffic on your blog.

Advice from me

My suggestion is that on an Adsense account you should not use it on just one blog, but it is used for several active blogs so that traffic on that account supports each other from these blogs.

Invalid traffic problem

If the problem of limiting ad serving to your account at this time is caused by an invalid traffic problem, then this is a more serious problem than the traffic problem being assessed earlier.

For this reason, we must be proactive to overcome this problem, because if not, it will be fatal, the account can be banned.

And this is also what I previously experienced on my account, namely invalid traffic caused by people who are not commendable.

Actions that must be taken

Because this problem is related to invalid traffic, we must ensure that our blog meets the Adsense guidelines. One of them is about placing ads according to Google's instructions and not using tricks that can cause invalid clicks such as the use of popups or elements that hover in the middle of the blog with the close button.

However, if invalid traffic is caused by the actions of someone who intentionally did not commendable actions, please follow my advice below to overcome them.

Suggestions for dealing with invalid traffic

In this case we have to really know which blog is the problem if there are several blogs on the account.

This is where the importance of continuous monitoring of our accounts, so that when something happens that is suspicious then we can immediately take action.

In the case that I experienced, it turned out that the click bomb anti-script could not prevent someone's heinous act. If the person really intends to harm us, then he can do anything.

If that is happening to our account, then the best course of action is to disable or hide or not display ads on our blog that is under attack.

To deactivate ads on a blog, you can first delete the ad codes or simply delete the JS Adsense code.
Or you can hide ads with CSS code. Please add the following CSS code in your blog style:


But if I already get ad restrictions, the following steps can be tried and succeeded in my account. Please remove the problematic domain blog first, not delete the domain that is on the Adsense dashboard but revoke the domain in the blogger dashboard or host if using WordPress.

Wait until the ad reappears by monitoring ads on other blogs that are not problematic or until the notification of ad restrictions disappears from the Adsense dashboard. After that, please install the revoked domain blog earlier.

For the time until the ad appears again, this cannot be determined, but my experience is that within one month the ad has reappeared, thank God.

Note for the ignorant: Remember, all our actions have karma.

May be useful.