5 Free Home Design Software Suitable for Beginners

Saturday, 6 June 2020

5 Free Home Design Software Suitable for Beginners - Do you want to design your own garden, bedroom, interior, or even home? Then there are two ways you can choose. First by designing and drawing everything manually on paper. Or you can also use home and interior design software to help complete the home design project that is being created.

There are tons of software for home and interior design purposes on the internet. Some are paid and some are free. If you want to use home design software that has full features, you can buy or subscribe to a premium alias home design software. But if you are lazy to spend money only for design purposes, then you can try some free home design software that I will discuss in this article.

Free Home and Interior Design Software
Not always free is of poor quality. Here I give 5 free home design software that features and quality are not much different when compared to premium home design software. Here are the five softwares.

1. Sketch Up Make

Sketch Up Make is the most comprehensive free 3D design software that I highly recommend. This home design software is able to provide neat 3D visuals that make home design results that are made visible. In addition, Sketch Up Make is quite flexible and easy to use.

Sketch Up Make

There are two versions of Sketch Up Make, namely free version and pro version. The Free Version is perfect for those of you who are beginners, while the pro version is more suitable for those who are professionals in the fields of architecture, construction, and commercial interior designers.

2. Floorplanner

Floorplanner allows you to design and decorate interior spaces in 2D and 3D shapes which can be done online without having to download the software. The main advantage of Floorplanner is its interior design features which function to design floor plans. After the floor plan is finished, you can switch views and decorate the room in 3D mode.


Easy to use and easy to learn, so if you are looking for home design software that is not too difficult to learn, then Floorplanner is the best choice.

3. Smart Draw

Smart Draw includes interior design software similar to Floorplanner for designing floors. Quite easy to learn for novice designers, it can also provide additional features that are more complicated to facilitate professional designers.

Smart Draw

With a choice of furniture, cars, building materials, and thousands of templates, you can create as much as possible to create new home and interior designs. One weakness of this software is the free version which can only be used for seven days (Trial). If you want to use it longer, then you have to spend money to buy the premium version.

4. 5D Planner

5D Planner is the most beautiful home design software. Like the free version of Sketch Up, this software is immersive, which means you can explore your designs with stunning 3D visuals.

5D planner

With 5D Planner you can create designs from scratch or use existing templates and stay decorated with floor plans if you don't have enough time or don't want to make complicated designs. 5D planner can be opened on iOS, which means you can see the design on your HP or iPad.

Start making designs by adjusting the shape of the floor, size, material and color. Then add furniture and accessories. After that switch to 3D, then add windows and doors. Add a second floor if necessary along with the roof.

Weaknesses in the 5D Planner are limited furniture choices. For the free version, users are only allowed to use the titur, chairs, sofas with basic shapes. While for more furniture choices can be obtained by buying the premium version.

All aspects of design can be changed in terms of color and texture. When the design is finished, you can share or print it in a photo realistic format.

5. HomeByMe

HomeByMe is one of the favorite home design software. As far as I know, this software is absolutely free and there is no paid version. The advantage is that you can plan your home and interior design to complete and have access to all furniture, accessories without any restrictions.


Like the 5D Planner, you can switch from 2D visuals to 3D after you have finished creating a floor plan and designing the look of each room. Or, you can start by decorating and clicking summary , then the software will produce a floor plan with all furniture and equipment in the right place.


That's the fifth free home and interior design software that is easy to use so it is perfect for those of you who are still beginners. Just choose the one that you think is easy to use and in accordance with the design project that will be created.