Top 4 PC and Laptop Screen Recording Apps - Free

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

For you, content creators will definitely need a screen recorder application, especially if the content that you are presenting is game content and the tutorial is definitely in need of this screen recorder application.

Many various screen recorder applications that you can use to record a PC screen, but this time I will give a list of the best PC screen recorders and of course free that you can use, although it's free but make no mistake, the resulting video resolution is not inferior to the same application paid.

Here are 4 of the best screen recorder versions of Technogratis:

1. Action! - Screen Recording Software and Gameplay Recorder

The first application is  Action! . This application is perfect for recording games and tutorials, this application was developed by Mirillis Ltd which is developing in the field of digital TV and advanced audio / video processing.

The superior features offered lie in the resulting video resolution is very good up to 1080p and able to do live streaming  in  real-time.

2. Open Broadcaster Software

The second application is  Open Broadcaster Software / OBS.  This application is open source that you can use on many platforms, such as Windows, Linux, macOS to record screens and live streaming.

The advantage of using OBS is that you can add text and images when you do live streaming.

3. TinyTake

The TinyTake application is  available in two versions, the paid version and the free version, and also has their respective advantages. By using the paid version you can enjoy the annotation feature, but unfortunately the time duration for recording is limited to only 5 minutes.

What I like about TinyTake is looks userfriendly and also free of the watermark , and you get 2GB of free cloud.

4. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder, this application is perfect if you want to use it to record when playing games or live streaming, because you can record certain areas on the PC screen and record in full screen.

You can also use the live drawing feature, which is useful for drawing in certain areas when recording the screen.

Which of the 4 applications above are the best screen recorder applications in your opinion?