How to Overcome a Laptop Slow

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

How to Overcome Laptop Failure - Before you go to the tips on How to Overcome Laptop Fatigue, you need to know in advance whether your laptop specifications are balanced with the OS and application used. A small example if you use a computer with 1 GB of RAM and then you want to install OS Windows 7 and other heavy applications like Adobe Photoshop, Cyberlink Youcam and PES, then it is certain that your laptop will be totally slow, you will understand what I mean.

Well if you already understand how to deal with the most powerful slow laptop version .The tips are simple but the results are maximum, that's what all laptop users are looking for. How are you curious to try to speed up the performance of your laptop, please follow the tips and steps below.

How to Overcome a Laptop Slow

1. Use the Up To Date Antivirus

Antivirus has an important role in the operating system of our laptops where antivirus protects the system from harmful viruses such as sality, trojans and many more. For this reason, choosing an antivirus is recommended to use an antivirus that is up to date or an antivirus that must be updated using regular internet access. Many up-to-date antivirus references that you can use such as, AVG, Avast, Avira, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, MSE that you can choose according to your wishes. If you need to use an offline antivirus for the second antivirus, but remember not to use too many antiviruses because it will make the operating system confused and of course laptops will become slow, some say that too many antiviruses will cause conflict.

2. Periodic Virus Scan

If you have done the first stage, the next step to overcome the slow laptop is to always scan the virus regularly at least once a week. But for those of you who often use a laptop to browse or plug in flasdisk, it is recommended to always scan at least 2x a week, the more often the better.

3. Use Software Utility

Utility software is special software designed to help you to analyze, configure, optimize, maintain and maintain the health of your laptop. So, this utility software is a mandatory software that you must install on your favorite laptop. Here are some software utilities that I know like TuneUp Utilities, SystemSuite, BoostSpeed, Advanced System Optimizer (ASO), Advanced SystemCare, CCleaner, and others that you can choose according to your wishes. Remember, just install one utility software because all the utilities are the same. After you install the utility software, then you optimize your operating system with the utility you are using, the method is quite easy or if you are confused you can search Google or ask a friend who has already used utility software.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

Too many programs are one factor why your laptop is slow, so this method is the most effective way to deal with slow laptops. So pay attention to how much software you install and how much RAM your laptop has, you have to be able to estimate the amount of RAM and the software you use to not reach the maximum RAM usage every time you use a laptop, to check RAM usage in Windows 7 is "click right of the Taskbar "(one line with start) then select" Start Task Manager "then move the tab to" Performance ".

However, if your laptop is only for browsing or doing tasks, you should uninstall a program that is rarely used or even never used. How to uninstall a program is easy, namely click "Start => Control Panel => Uninstall a Program" then select the program / software that you want to uninstall then double click on the program to uninstall the application, click next-next to finish.

5. Move Data From Patented System to Data Partition

This stage doesn't really have a big effect, but what's wrong with using this stage and especially if the system partition is almost full, it is recommended that you move data from the system partition to the data partition. What data is meant? like when you download data / files it will automatically be saved in "C: \ Users \ User Name \ Downloads" then you need to move it to the data partition. Not only that, you can see other data / files in "C: \ Users \ User Name" then please move the important data to the data partition.

6. Check Hard Disk Capacity

After the 6th stage you have done, please check your laptop's hard drive capacity. If the average partition usage has reached above 80% then you need to select the important file and not, then the file you think is not important or not used please delete the file or if you object to delete your favorite file please use an external hard drive to save some of your files are mainly large ones.

7. Clean the Junk File

There are so many additional programs that can help us to overcome this problem, one of which is recommended is Ccleaner, which can help you clean files that don't need to be like temporary files or cookies, cleaning is also quite maximal and the results can be considered satisfying. Do not forget to always clean the Recycle Bin regularly, or if you want to delete files directly permanently how to select the file that is deleted low then press Shift + Dell simultaneously then Ok.

8. Check Components in a Laptop

For this stage not all users can do it, so it is recommended not to do it. Well if your laptop is really slow you can ask a friend who can check the laptop component or you can take your laptop to the nearest service place and ask what the problem is, maybe the problem is the dirty component, the component function starts to weaken (component age factor) or even a component is damaged, so your laptop is repaired immediately to achieve maximum use. But if you think the age of your laptop is not long, then skip this one step, you can go directly to the shop where you bought because there is still a guarantee if there is natural damage.

9. Clean the Inside of the Laptop

Dust is one of the obstacles to the performance of a laptop, especially if you often use a laptop in a place that allows the laptop to get dust. It is recommended when using a laptop in a really clean place, use a flat and hard place if you need to use a cooling pad (laptop fan), do not use a laptop in a place that can inhibit the entry and exit of air such as mattresses. But if you have done it right, but the laptop still looks dusty, it is only natural if the interval is several years. The solution is to clean the inside of your laptop at least once every 3 years. To clean the components using a paint brush, tissue or cloth should be dry, for the tutorial to clean the inside of the laptop I don't think I need to explain, you must have understood and understood it yourself.

10. Reinstall the Operating System

Re-install the Indonesian operating system or reinstall the operating system is an attempt to re-enter all operating system files into a particular path / drive on the hard disk so that the computer can operate again normally. But after reinstalling all the installed software is automatically deleted because to reinstall it must delete all the files on the system partition to replace the new one. For the re-install tutorial the operating system I can't explain in this article, because I've spent about 3 hours making this post, for that you can just search on Google. 

That's How to Overcome the Most Effective Slow Laptop, also read other interesting articles only at to learn about the world of technology. Now is the age of technology so you don't miss science if you want to live in the modern world. The author hopes you can share this post to social media to let friends in need. Thank you, please continue your activity.