How to Increase Google AdSense CPC

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Google AdSense is an advertising program launched by the largest search engine company in the world, you all know this company is called "Google". The Google AdSense program allows publishers or ad publishers to register and get money from their ads. these ads are different like text ads, image ads and video ads. Google AdSense gives publishers their income according to the number of clicks on the ad and the cost-per-click (CPC) of the ad. the cost per click (CPC) is different from each ad and differs from country to country and we can say that the United States has the highest cost for cost per click or CPC.

Most of us as ad publishers, including me, must have felt that the average cost per click is very low. CPC may be 0.01 dollars or less than 0.5 dollars. So sometimes I personally ask myself, why do companies like Google AdSense have low CPCs?

In this article, Arlina Design will help you to increase your income from Google AdSense because I will explain the exact tips to increase the cost per click of Google AdSense, so I suggest you read this article carefully and slowly to get the highest income from Google AdSense, Aamiin. 

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC

1 Choose the Best Keyword

Keyword or keyword is a very important factor that affects Cost per Click because there are some keywords that have a high CPC and others have a low CPC and you can get it from Google Adwords. As we know keywords are a few words that your friend writes and Google takes it, it's that easy. If you use keywords with a high CPC that allows Google AdSense to place ads with high CPC on your website and hopefully you will get high income.

For example, if your keyword is a smartphone, you will give Google AdSense the ability to place ads about smartphones. Ads that are displayed by Google Adsense on the site pages depend on and are related to your keywords so you have to use the best keywords with the highest cost per click if you want to get high income. 

2. Choose your Niche carefully

A niche site or blog is a blog that addresses one particular topic and does not discuss a variety of topics, if we discuss a variety of topics we can call Sob gado-gado blogs. Niche sites are very important if you want to get high income from Google AdSense because the cost per click has different values ​​from each niche so be careful when choosing a niche. 

If you are looking for high per click costs to get high income, you can choose a niche that is related to the following topics because the CPC for this topic is very high:

  • Make a site to sell domains and hosting services
  • Related to technology applications
  • Related to banking.
  • Related to health and food.
  • Related to job openings.
  • Related to Microsoft Office.
  • Related to cars.
  • Related to home design (exterior design and interior design).
  • Related to fashion design and trend.

For more details about choosing a niche blog, you can visit another article, which is the method of increasing adsense revenue. In the article maybe you want to create a blog with more specific keywords or maybe a blog with English.

3. Targeted Quality Traffic

The most important factor that affects the increase in cost per click on Google AdSense is visitors because they allow us to get money from AdSense if they click on an ad. But to make them click on ads, they must be targeted and they want to read articles on our blog because they will help them. 

If you use Google AdSense on a website and think that Google will give money because of advertising, in my opinion it's a wrong mindset because Google won't give anything for it and pay only for the number of clicks on the ad. So, you have to get targeted traffic.

If Google AdSense Advertisers get good impressions for clicks, they will be happy and give a high CPC. So it attracts visitors to visit your site with the best and most trusted ways like writing the best search engine optimization articles with interesting titles.

4. Take advantage of Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you will get a report about the website. So it will help to know which pages on a site or blog can be more clicked and this will make you in the right place and write topics that are more related to this page that have high cost-per-clicks. So I suggest you to connect your account on Google AdSense with your account on Google Analytics to get more and more.

5. Select the best Ad Placement

There are too many places where you can place Google AdSense ads like at the top of the page and below the page title, in the middle, in the sidebar or in the place you want on the site page. The best place you can use is below the article title, but if you have the best location, please comment below.

6 AdSense Channels or Adsense Channels

The AdSense channel allows you to experiment if you make Channels. this channel allows you to determine your CPC and CPC or Ad block CTR. Then you can make the best strategy to earn income from AdSense. 

You can change the position of your ad or delete a block with a low CPC. If the site is very good, make sure that Google AdSense will provide a high CPC because advertisers will pay for maximum exposure.

7. Different Ad Types

There are various types of advertisements to choose from but before you choose your ad, you should know that some visitors like the image and text ads more than text ads because they show the contents of the ad and attract visitors, some visitors are happy with the ad.

8 Countries from Visitors

Cost per click depends on the visitor's website, sure. And the United States is the highest in the CPC. I will provide a list of countries with high cost-per-click on Google AdSense and you must target visitors from that country. If you have a country that has a high cost-per-click (CPC), please share in the comments to learn from each other.

  • United States (US)
  • Canada
  • German
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Spanish
  • Albania
  • French
  • Turkey

9. Choose the Site Domain Name carefully

Domain names are one of the factors that affect cost per click in Google AdSense so you have to use a domain name that is related to the content of the site to get high cost-per-clicks. However, it does not affect the CPC rates so much compared to other factors such as the quality of the content and niche of your site. You can read my article about how to choose a domain name to fit the site.

10. Use Responsive Themes for the Site

If you want to increase your cost per click, you must use a responsive friendly template for smartphones and tablets because a large number of visitors use smartphones. If the site template is responsive, you will get a large number of visitors and this will result in high cost-per-clicks and high revenue. You can check whether the template is responsive or not here.


Cost Per Click (CPC): is considered income by Google AdSense and will give friends when visitors click on ads that are different and also different from each country as we discussed earlier. 

Google AdSense has a system of analysis so that it will analyze your site's performance continuously. 

You must stay focused on competition keywords, take keywords that have medium or low competition and avoid high competition and also your keywords must have a large number of searches per month to get visitors.