Differences Between Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated Server

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Dedicated hosting and dedicated servers have almost the same names. Not surprisingly, many people compare the two. However, do you know that Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated Servers have different meanings? Next, Technogratis will summarize the definition of Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated Servers, so we don't choose the wrong one.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

In short, if shared hosting is a type of hosting service that is on one server and the hosting is shared with other hosting users. So, dedicated hosting is a type of hosting service that is shaped like server virtualization, which allows customers to rent more server parts even if the entire server can be occupied by the customer's website. So, the resources obtained will certainly be more than if you only use shared hosting. Cheap Hosting Hosting - great hosting

Actually, dedicated hosting services are the same as VPS, it's just that when using VPS the customer must manage his own virtual server, so the price is cheaper. While on dedicated hosting, customers are no longer bothered with managing their virtual servers because the hosting provider has managed their virtual servers.

It can be said, this dedicated hosting is a premium hosting service, where customers only need to focus on their business because to manage virtual servers.

So, what's the difference with a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated servers actually refer more to physical servers. So customers can rent one physical server as a whole. No wonder when buying a dedicated server, customers will be treated to physical server specifications, such as types to the processor brand used.

With more flexibility, of course, managing the Dedicated Server is also no less troublesome. Not only manage the virtual server like VPS and Dedicated Hosting. Using dedicated servers also involves managing the physical server. So, prepare more time and energy, also the cost is not small if you decide to choose a Dedicated Server.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting

You webmasters certainly know very well that there is a need for quality and qualified hosting to manage a website. Because hosting greatly affects the website's performance in displaying data such as images, videos and so on. Without hosting, the data you want to display on the website will not be displayed. At present, hosting is divided into several types ranging from the cheap, shared hosting to the most expensive, namely dedicated server hosting. Of course, each type of hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages. It's just that for this article, only the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting will be reviewed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers You Need to Know

Dedicated servers are the right choice for you who want to create a website with the best quality and maximum performance. Because dedicated hosting allows you to use only one server. Unlike shared hosting, which requires that you use one server together with other users. Using a dedicated server, you have full control of the server that is rented. Another case if you use shared hosting. Where all things related to the server management process are in the hands of the hosting service provider.

Dedicated Server is basically a service that can provide flexibility and control to its users on leased servers. The server to be rented is intended for renters and will not be shared with other users. For those of you who are still confused about where to choose to host, below are the advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated server that you might consider as a consideration.

Advantages of Dedicated Servers:

a dedicated server gives the tenant the freedom to control the server that is used 100%. Interestingly, a dedicated server will also make it easier and free for users to configure according to the required specifications.

The advantages of using the next dedicated server are if there is damage to the server, then it is the responsibility of the hosting service provider to fix it immediately.

Another advantage is that tenants can only control the server using the remote. No need to supervise the physical server directly. So that it won't bother you or burden you while managing the website.

Using a Dedicated server, you don't need to be bothered with other clients. Because only one user will use this hosting. It will not interfere with the performance of the website if the number of visitors increases at any time. This hosting also enables users to manage multiple domains on one server they have. Where the website management will also be more optimal as it is you who have full control and power over the server.

Lack of Dedicated Servers

The lack of a dedicated server that is enough to make a lot of website managers just in case is an expensive rental price. The higher the desired server specifications, the more expensive the price must be paid. It's different from shared hosting which allows you to pay rent together with other users.

Another disadvantage is that you as a tenant must understand the performance and control of the server. This is very important so that you can manage your dedicated server to the full. Moreover, there are quite a lot of settings in various applications that must be done. So you really have to learn data management using a dedicated server before hiring it.

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting. Now, you already have a hosting idea that the plan will be selected correctly?