5 Excel Functions or Formulas Must Be Mastered by Office Workers

Excel Formulas Must Be Mastered - yoo, welcome back to this Student Blog site. This time the admin wants to discuss Microsoft Excel. More precisely the formulas that are mandatory or must be controlled by an office worker.

Have you ever thought of becoming an office worker? Or is it your dream long ago? well, it's natural for everyone without exception to you who read this article to be an office worker.

Why is that? That's because aside from a fairly large salary, but also you will get your own pride "wahh ... not in vain my struggle so far" that's what I think is your own pride.

School from elementary school 6 years, junior high school 3 years, high school 3 years, college 4 years. And now finally you can make your parents proud by having a job that is worth the effort. Well, the bottom is the vice director of the company (amen).

But to be a success in the world of companies or office people, of course, you should be familiar with what is called Microsoft Excel.

Why is that? That is because as an office worker you can not be separated from the name of the financial data report, this report, that report.

To make a report like this, in my opinion, it requires deep knowledge in Microsoft Excel. Because this revolutionary application made by Microsoft is very, very helpful in making reports related to the calculation of data.

Well ... for that, you need to master the name of the function or formula of Microsoft Excel which is usually or very commonly used in the world of offices

Excel Formula Must Be Mastered by Office Workers

1. Excel Formulas Must Be Mastered (AVERAGE)

AVERAGE is a formula whose function is to find the average value of a set of data. The way it works is by calculating the amount of a group of data then divided by the amount of data.

The syntax or writing of this formula is = AVERAGE (Numbers 1; [Numbers 2]; ... ..). How to use the AVERAGE formula in Microsoft Excel is as follows:

Consider the following picture. This image is an example of a picture of the data that we are looking for an average value.

In the picture above, the average value of cells A2 to A9 is 58.75, the value of 58.75 is obtained from 40 + 30 + 50 + 50 + 61 + 64 + 80 + 95/9 so that the average value is 58.75 this. Please try to find the average value by searching for other excel questions on the internet.

2. Excel Formulas Must Be Mastered (SUM)

The formula that you must master as an office worker is SUM. SUM is a formula that functions to find the number of data sets. In other words, add or add up all the data that has been provided.

Writing the syntax for this formula is = SUM (SEL1; SEL2; SEL3 ....). The following is an example of the use of this SUM formula.

In the picture above, to find the amount of data from cells A2 to A9, the formula = SUM (A2: A9) is used . 470 is the result of the sum of these data. The calculation method used is 40 + 30 + 50 + 50 + 61 + 64 + 80 + 95 so the results are 470.

3. Excel Formulas Must Be Mastered (COUNT)

COUNT is a function that is very different from the SUM function. If the SUM function is used to add data, the COUNT function is used only to find the amount of data.

Writing the syntax of the COUNT function is = COUNT (range). Well, consider the following example for using the COUNT function.

In the picture above you can see the difference between the SUM and COUNT functions is very clear. If using the SUM Function the results obtained are 470, then using the COUNT Function the results obtained are 8. Quite clearly not.

4. Excel Formulas Must Be Mastered (IF)

IF  function is a function that is used to determine the value that allows a certain condition in data. This function is usually used on data that is inquiring.

Writing the syntax of the IF function is = IF (condition, "true", "false") Note the following picture to better understand this IF function:

In the picture above, please search for the number of values   using the SUM function after that search for Information using the function = IF (E2> = 170, "Pass", "Failed"). If the formula is changed in the form of a sentence it will be:

"If cell E2 is more than or equal to 170 then the statement is Pass, otherwise the statement is Failed"

5. Excel Formulas Must Be Mastered (SUM IF & COUNT IF)

The explanation of these two formulas is the same as the SUM formula and COUNT above. It's just that if you use SUM IF you will look for the amount of data under certain conditions. Likewise with COUNT IF you will search for a lot of data in a certain condition.

Writing syntax for these two formulas is = SUMIF (Range, "condition") and = COUNTIF (Range, "condition") . Consider the following picture to better understand the SUMIF and COUNTIF formulas.

In the picture above, you can see to find the amount of data from cell A2 to A11 which has a value of more than 100 (> 100) used Formula = SUMIF (A2: A11, "> 100"). Please try to find the amount of data that is less than 100 and equal to 100.

In the picture above, to find many people with male gender from cell B2 to B10 the formula = COUNTIF (B2: B10, "male") is used so that the results obtained are 5.

Try to count many people with is the male sex according to the results that I got from this formula. Please try to find the number of people with the female gender.


Okay maybe it's just tips or tutorials from me about the 5 Functions or Excel Formulas that must be mastered by office workers in this article, thank you to the visitors for being willing to visit and read my article on this Blog.

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