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How to avoid Smartphone Hacking Threat

Hello Friends, In this article , I am sharing with you a topic that How to avoid Smartphone Hacking Threat.We are living in an era of technology and with the introduction and development of smartphones, we’ve become habitual to carry all of our private and secret data with us. The digital data has always been vulnerable and source of attraction for those who do want to peep in and steal.

Hackers, the term used for bad guys in digital world, are everywhere around you in search of an open window of your digital world. They can hack into your smartphone and steal your credentials, personal photos and other things that would endanger you in the future. They can even take control of your bank account to make transactions and loot you in a minute.

Don’t be scare of reading above few lines as it is only you who invite hackers to do their job. If you are secure enough as far as your smartphone is concerned, no one can have an access to your digital bank.

Let us now talk about how to avoid smartphone hacking threat in today’s world:

Don’t use Public Wi-Fi

The foremost preventive measure against hacking is to avoid connecting Wi-Fi on a public place, like an airport or a café, because it is always risky. If a hacker gets control of your smartphone, he or she can view everything you do on your device as long as you are connected to the public Wi-Fi.

Your smartphone always warns you prior connecting to open Wi-Fi and displays a warning asking you if you’re sure enough to connect to an open or public Wi-Fi. Most people just ignore the warning and connect to the network, thus becoming an easy prey for the hackers.

Avoid connecting to public or open Wi-Fi networks and always make sure who you’re sharing sensitive information with.

Update Apps regularly

You should keep in mind that there are many security vulnerabilities in Android as well as iOS. The developers try their best to counter and patch those security loopholes as soon as possible. But despite their best efforts, new security threats are being discovered by the sick minds to counter any effort of the developers.

The manufacturers and developers periodically release updates for their respective operating systems and apps. This all is done in order to protect security of their clients and users. Many such updates contain special measures to fix the known security flaws.

People do hesitate or ignore such updates due to their concerns over device performance or battery life issues. If you are one of such people who show laziness in updating their smartphone, then you are the right person that hackers are in search for. Once the updates are out, hackers specifically target these non-updated devices.

Always try to update your apps and OS as soon as any update is released.

Ignore Apps from Non-Official Source

The two major app stores, the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store, have literally several million apps that can’t be individually checked for security. Even in an atmosphere where more apps are being developed every minute, the task becomes more impossible.

Remember, the more apps you have, the higher the risk for having a potentially harmful application installed.

Apps installed from non-official sources have a higher chance of containing spyware or malware that may send information from your smartphone to a remote server controlled by a hacker. Always check the warning message when installing an app.

If an app needs access to your contact list despite being unrelated to messaging, advertising or similar category of apps, there’s a high degree of possibility that you got a rogue app. The easy way is to just keep away from the apps developed by a non-official source.

Final Words

You are never 100 percent safe from security risk issues of your smartphone but you can, at least, decrease the chances of being hacked by keeping the above three points in your mind. In the end a common proverb for you, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

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