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10 Killer Tips for Starting a Fashion Blog

So you want to blog about fashion. It’s a great choice, but it won’t be easy. Many of the top blogs in the nation are fashion blogs, and the market is becoming over saturated. That being said, it’s still a worthy goal, particularly if you have a unique perspective or skill that you can bring to the table.
Getting started won’t be easy, however. It’ll take hard work, perseverance, and a lot of time and money. The blogging world is highly competitive, particularly when it comes to fashion. However, it’s not impossible to make it big. Here are some tips for getting started:

1. Find a Unique Perspective

As mentioned previously, the over-saturation of the market is the most difficult aspect of any fashion blog. If you can find a unique perspective, the battle of standing out is mostly over. The trick is finding an angle that no one is writing about. Spend some time observing various popular fashion blogs and try to take a perspective that’s brand new. In addition to starting a fashion blog of your own, you can also see how this is done in the celebrity blogging space as well.

2. Make Your Posts Trendy

Every aspect of your articles should fit in with current trends. Take a look at this blog post titled “Let’s Get Waisted” from a fashion site. Everything from the language used in the content to the headline to the photographs matches current styles. This is the kind of content that is most appealing to your audience.

3. Understand the Audience

A part of fitting into the current trends is understanding your audience directly. If you’re writing for an older group of women, you’ll take a much different approach than if you’re writing for teenage girls. The styles discussed, trends photographed, and language used should directly reflect your audience’s tastes.

4. Invest in Excellent Photography

Even the most attractive and flattering of styles can look hideous with the wrong lighting and poor quality photography. Invest in a quality camera and editing software, or even hire a professional photographer for your blog. Your images have the power to make or break your blog, so put the time and money into making them good.

Here is a photography guide to help you.

5. Shell out the Money

Fashion blogging is one of the most expensive forms of blogging. You’ll have to shell out plenty of money for new clothing, high-quality photography, and a well-maintained site. Typically, it’s those who aren’t afraid to spend money that experience the best returns.

6. Work on Your Headlines

One thing many blogs have is boring, bland headlines. Your title is the first thing most readers see. If it doesn’t draw readers in, you’ll struggle to maintain a strong readership.

Consider the headline from the previously mentioned blog post, “Let’s Get Waisted.” It’s clever and interesting, drawing in readers and making them feel like they’re part of a secret joke. Spend some time practicing headlines to improve individual blog posts.

7. Choose a Domain Name that Sticks

Your domain name will transition into your brand. It must be memorable if you want to succeed and stand out. Typically, fashion bloggers don’t choose titles with the name “fashion” included. Instead, they choose a domain that’s a clever saying, a play on words, or their name. These kinds of domain names stick in the minds of your audience and encourage repeat visitors.

8. Build a Network

You need friends and a lot of them to both build your readership and partner with other bloggers. Through your network, you can build a mailing list and increase your followers on social media. The more people you have on your side, the faster your blog will grow and make money.

9. Rely on Instagram

Instagram is currently the fastest growing network in the world, and it has unlimited potential for building your brand. Instagram has the potential to take over fashion blogs, but you can prevent being washed out by the social platform by partnering with the network early on.

10. Invest in Your Content

The Content will always be king. Even though social media is popular, it’s not the most important aspect of growing your business. Focus on building high quality, valuable content in order to spread your brand and grow your blog from scratch.

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