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Best Facebook Tricks, Tips And Hacks You Should Know

Facebook is undoubtedly the best social media website ever known, earlier this year the giant of all social media boosted of 2 billion monthly users and that's no small number. From discovery 70 percent of all the people in the world make use of facebook to communicate with there receipents. However facebook can be much more fun if only you can be able to perform certain tricks on it. In as much as we frequently use facebook for varieties of purpose, there are times when certainly we feel like performing most tasks automatically on facebook. Doing them manually can be extremely boring and discouraging. From the last decades when facebook was crawling to it's feet, there wasn't much tricks to perform then but now the case is quiet different. Every thing has its own peneration and with the right procedure you can be able to add some certain features and functions to your facebook chats.

In this article we're compiling the best facebook tricks, tip and hacks you should know to get the best out of your facebook chats. Most of this tricks can come in handy and can certainly help you perform certain tasks on facebook without stress. If you're a facebook addict, then certainly you should apply this tricks and see how tremendous they work. Some of this tricks can help you know how facebook works and you probably will also use it to boost with your friends. However in as much as this tricks can be gullable, you should read and perform the instructions as designated in other for you to get a successful outcome. We're sharing the best facebook tricks, tip and hack for end of 2016 and you will find them interesting if you ride on with the procedures.

#1. Write Colored Text In Facebook

Ever wonder if it's actually possible to write a text on facebook with different colors included?. Then it's certainly possible. By default all text on facebook are colored in black and there's no option to edit text on facebook in other to add some beautiful colors to them before posting. However there's a way to do this and it only involves you knowing some facebook colour codes to use. Before we proceed below are some of the facebook color codes you should use..

<g=b0ffd700>  golden
<fg=b0000000>  black
<fg=b0ff7f00>  orange
<fg=b0ffff00>  yellow
<fg=b0ff00ff>  light pink
<fg=b0ff007f>  dark pink
<fg=b0ff0000>  redish pink
<fg=b0800000>  brown
<fg=b0ffc0cb>  light purple
<fg=b06f00ff> dark blue
<fg=b0c0c0c0>  grey
<fg=80ffffff>  sky blue
<fg=b000ffff>  light blue
<fg=b0bf00ff>  purple
<fg=b08f00ff> dark purple
<fg=b0808000> mehandi green
<fg=b0ba55d3> light purple
<fg=b0f000f0>  majenta
<fg=b00000ff>  blue
<fg=b0b08080>  steel grey
<fg=b0000080> movve
<fg=b0964b00> light brown
<fg=f0f00f0f>  red
<fg=b000ff00>  green

Now from the above facebook color codes, your duty is to implement them while type any text on Facebook. For instance when you're sending a text to your recipient you should input one of the above color code. See screenshot for better understanding.

As you can see, it's quiet easy. You can also update your timeline using this trick. It's not a must that you can color all your text, if perhaps you input the color codes before typing a text, then all your text will be colour. However when you input the color code in between text, the effect will take place right from where the color code begins.

#2. Create Single Name On Facebook

During registration, facebook does not allow its user to create only single name while opening an account. Since by default you're required to input your first name and last name on the box provided. However creating only a single name on facebook can look professional. Thus there's a way to reset this.


Firstly log in to the facebook account that you wish to create a single name. Navigate to "Settings and Privacy" which should be at the bottom of facebook homepage. Tap on it and on the next page, click on "Choose Language".

Now select any language of your choice either Hausa, Português or Deutsch. Next navinavigate back to Settings and this time click on " General". From there tap Edit name and on the next page delete the last name and middle name . Type your Single Name in the first column and hit the "Review Change" button.

Next navigate back to Settings and Privacy, click on Language and this time revert back to your default language. Then you should see your single profile name working perfectly.

As you can see we didn't use any proxy to achieve this tricks and it worked perfectly. However you can still revert back to your default name if perhaps you don't fancy this trick.

#3. Send Secret And Self-Destructive Messages On Facebook

Just like WhatsApp, Facebook has also updated a feature that can allow I it's users to have a secret conversation and no unauthorized users can be able to see the conversation you have with your friends. Not only that, you can also send self destructive messages on Facebook which will disappear after the scheduled time elapse. This trick can only be achieved of you are using facebook messenger. However we won't be posting this trick here since we've already written an article on this topic. So use the link below to read this trick.

#4. Download Facebook Video Without Any Software

By default facebook users can only be able to play any facebook video sent to them without any option to download it. This can be discouraging considering if you've a low speed internet connection. However there's a cool trick that can allow you to download your facebook videos free.

We're going to use an online website to achieve this. Firstly open the facebook video you wish to download on your computer system and right click on it. Now select "Show Video URL". Then copy the URL of that particular video and save it to your clipboard. Next go to and from the search box provided, paste the facebook video URL you copied earlier on and hit continue. Once it provides result, choose the video format you prefer and it will start downloading.

#5. Auto Wish Your Facebook Friends Happy Birthday 

Friends are the best things one can have, but when choosing a friend you need to make out those that can impact knowledge in you. As a facebook users there's a high possibility that you have over 500 facebook friends on your list, and thus every month there birthday comes up. However since sending  a birthday message to manually them can be stressful and boring. But certainly you can overcome this if you know how to automatically send a birthday message to them.

Firstly go to and log in with your account. If perhaps you don't have an account, then you can easily sign up. Now click on connect with friends and endeavor to accept permission. From the next window, you can see your friend's name whose birthday is coming soon . click on the down arrow type in your greetings for them and then schedule the message.

#5. Create Facebook Fake Conversation Online

Pranking your friends on facebook could be much more fun if actually you know the extact trick to use. If perhaps you've ever thought of creating a fake conversation and sending it to your friends, then you're at the right place. There are lots of online websites that can allow you create facebook fake conversation. However we're recommending and that's because it has proved to be the best fake conversation website that let's you easily.

To start your fake conversation, firstly go to the website and log in with your facebook account. Now  you need to proceed with the guides shown to you and also input the receiver and sender name. Then you can create any fake conversation and use it to prank your friends.

#6. Create Facebook Fake Walls Update

This is one of the best facebook tricks I have come to fancy since the past few weeks. You can easily fool your facebook friends by creating a fake status/wall update. For instance using this trick, you can make bill gate share a post about you or your blog which looks real but in reality its actually fake.

There are lots of tools on the internet that can allow you to create a fake facebook walls, however we're recommending . The wall machine is a "What you see is what you get" website that can allow you to create fake facebook walls. All you've got to do is to log in to the website, connect your facebook profile and start the fake wall creation. Then after that post it on facebook.

Final Words

There are lot's of facebook tricks out there and mostly they involve some extension, however we will keep updating this post for more facebook tricks and tips. So stay tuned!.
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