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Android 8.0 Possible Names, Release Date & Expected Features

Android O is the next version of Android operating system that'll be announced by Google probably in 2017. Google's annual Android updates are known to bring new plethora features and the names are followed by Google's standard alphabetical Android naming convention. We've seen the Android 7.0 Nougat performance capabilities and perhaps it's time to move on with the newest potential Android 8.0. Google are working hard to build the next variation for android smartphones and tablets which will come with advance features.

Currently, there isn't much information to be known about the Android 8.0 "O", and the rumors circulating around so far is that Google might not even announce another version of Android OS this year since they've recently released the new Android 7.1.2 Nougat update on Pixel and Nexus device which is still in beta testing state and the official update will soon be rolling out in a matter of months on supported device. Now while this rumors may seem a bit overwhelming, Google might clear the phase and announce the unexpected since we still have a long way to go this year.

Android 8.0 Possible Names

As we've discussed earlier on, Android naming convention are followed by the English alphabetical order. Thus the Android 8.0 name will probably start with the letter "O". In the year 2016, i could remember vividly that Google opened the android naming process to the public for the Android "N" and while majority of tech enthusiasts prefer the name "Nutella", Google decided to go for "Nougat". This case might even be the same with the Android "O". Without any further ado, below are the possible name for the potential Android 8.0. Note we're making an educated guesses that'll aligh with the letter "O".

Android Oreo

Oreo is a sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet creme filling in between. This delicious cookie (Oreo) has become the best-selling cookie in the United States since its introduction. Thus considering how "Yummy" the name sounds, there's a high tendency that Google might choose it as the name of the potential Android 8.0 "Oreo".

Android Ovaltine

Ovaltine suddenly pops out of my mind! During the course of writing this article. Perhaps it's because i have come to love the delicacy of chocolate milk powder carrying 3 flavors such as "chocolate malt, rich chocolate and sugar". Ovaltine is a brand of milk flavoring product made with malt extract sugar and whey. Some of of it's flavors also have cocoa and the name sounds pretty perfect for the potential Android 8.0 "Ovaltine".

Android Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another possible name that's suitable for the potential Android 8.0, the name sounds cool and standard. Oatmeal is a made of hulled oat grains and groats  that have either been ground, steel-cut, or rolled. The "ground oats" are also called "white oats" and the "steel-cut oats" are known as "coarse oatmeal" or "Irish oatmeal" or "pinhead oats". While the "rolled oats" can be either thick or thin, and may be "old-fashioned" or "quick" or "instant".

Android Ontbijtkoek

Google might even think of the name "ontbijtkoek". Ontbijtkoek is a Dutch spiced cake mixed with "Rye" (its most important ingredient which colors the cake in light brown). It is often spiced with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, succade and nutmeg. Ontbijtkoek is traditionally served at breakfast with a thick layer of butter on top, as a replacement for bread. However, due to its sweet taste it is also served as a snack. Considering the name and the chocolate mixed flavour, Google might even decide to call Android 8.0 "Ontbijtkoek".

Other Names

  • Android Orange
  • Android Ornate
  • Android O'Neil
  • Android Orchestra
  • Android Olive
  • Android Orchard

The above mentioned Android 8.0 possible names where speculated by our teams, we've seen how "Google" usually use the "Chocolate" word to name its annual android version. Thus we decided to mention the perfect names that best suits and align with the upcoming android version. Google might even come up with a name that's completely different from what we've seen above. However the name "Oreo" seems to be the captain among all and tech enthusiasts are already voting for it.

Expected Features

The Potential Android 8.0 features has not been known, even while the rumors are circulating, Google haven't made any attempt to unveil the features. However an indian-based designer envisioned and decided to create a concept design for the upcoming Android 8.0. Concepts are fun and interesting as well, we've seen tons of smartphones concept images around the internet and this doesn't make a difference. Now if you take a glimpse at the image below, you'll see the Android 8.0 design envisioned by "Vijay". The concept didn't really step away from the Android N, but rather shows the possible advanced features we're to expect.

From the concept images above, the on-screen navbar circle home button has been replaced with the letter "G" and this wouldn't be a surprise considering the redesign launcher Google unraveled on their Pixel smartphones. The lock screen has also been replaced with a brand new customizable design, you can customize the notification app which you want to see at the lock screen.

The Dock icon on the home screen, has also been changed in such a way that once you "slide left" or tap the "G" centered icon on the Nav bar you'll be taken to your app drawer where you can access all your apps. The concept image also unravels the notification panel which has somewhat been redesigned. Now at the status bar, you'll notice that notifications has been centered rather than been stacked on the left side. This feature looks pretty cool and we hope Google takes it into consideration.

Apart from this all, the concept image also brings a "Live Call Notification Alert" which allows you to interact with Call Alert. Also the app drawer display has also been improved. We're also not to neglect the newly redesigned keyboard from the concept above. This makes it possible to interact with search screen. Thus you can find apps by using your thumb for one hand interface. Overall this certainly is a nice concept and we sincerely hope for Google to consider it and even add more features.
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