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9 Things Absolutely Need on Your Blog

Because let's get real, there is reasons no one is staying on your blog!

Is your bounce back rate at it's highest? Are you finding that people aren't responding to your blog content and aren't coming back to you time and time again. There may be some reasons behind that and  one of those reasons may be because your blog just lacks personality and cohesion! Today I want to share with you 9 things you can do right now, starting today, to make your blog better!

1. A Logo Design and Tagline

People need to know what you are all about! So get yourself a cute logo design and add in what your blog is all about! Take for instance my blog logo. Nothing too fancy but it gets the point across! It tells who I am  and who I cater too! I created this in Canva and added my signature butterflies that I've been rocking since literally 2012 from Picmonkey! Over time if you want to make your blog into a business you can upgrade your logo but I'm a sucker for DIY Projects!Below is what my previous header looked like! As you can see I was a big fan of these colors and gifs for a long time. I was stay consistent without even realizing it!  I used gifmaker.me to blend 4 pictures together!

2. Navigation Bar

You want people to look around your blog so get a freaking navigation bar already! You can have a static navigation bar that stays at the top or you can have a navigation bar that scrolls down like mine! Before I got a new template I manually went in and did it myself. Now I use blogspot so it may be different for wordpress but here's the website that helped me get that navigation bar looking awesome! It has helped make all my blog templates look awesome and actually made me love html coding!!!

Things you need on your navigation bar

1. About Me or you can name it Start Here (So people will know where to look at next)
2. Your Categories (I put mine in a dropdown box but you can have them lined up too)
3. Search Section (This helps people look for specific things on your blog)
4. Social Links (This is an easy way to get people to follow you)

3. An About Me Page

I'll preach it till it's instilled in you! Get an about me page! This helps people get to know you better especially if they really like your blog. Make it personal, provide little tidbits into your life, and for goodness sake show a picture of yourself, you pretty thang! Check out this post all about how to do your About Me Page.

4. Linked Social Media Accounts 

Include your social links in at least 2 places! You can make cute little social media buttons with picmonkey or get a free template. Some great places to put them is in your navigation bar as I mentioned before and your sidebar. I made the below social media buttons with picmonkey!

5. Social Share Buttons

In order to get people to share your stuff you have to give them a way to do just that! As you can see I have social share buttons in my blog post as well as on the side (at the bottom on  mobile versions).  I use Shareaholic to make and customize my social share buttons!

6.  Email Opt-in Form

Another great way to get people to come back to your blog is by creating a email opt-in form! I use Mailmunch for this. I created a blogger toolkit with tons of printables, workbooks, checklist, stock photos, etc for bloggers as an opt-in incentive that they can download straight away(like now hehe). Find something that you think people will find interesting and create it for your opt-in incentive. I also create a pop up that will pop up (lol) when you leave my page! Pop ups are good only when they aren't the first thing you see when you go to their site. That's my biggest pet peeve! So my biggest tips if you want to do Pop ups make them pop up when they exit.

7. Comment Section

Make it easy for people to comment! Stop with the moderation and just let people comment! Stop with the robot testing and let people just comment. Try to find a comment system that do not just require people to put in their name, website, email address. People sometimes just do not want to do all of that. Let them login using their social media for ease of mind! I'm not too much of a fan of wordpress commenting system or squarespace's commenting system, because sometimes it just will not let me comment or the fill out form is just too lengthy! I used to use Disqus which is a great way to get people to comment. I switched back to the google version after I changed my template but  find one that works for you.

8. A Consistent Color Scheme

Get a color scheme for your blog! It doesn't have to be super bright like mine lol just find something that works with the mood and personality of your blog. Think about your personality. Are you funny and bubbly or calm and relaxed? Do you like vibrant colors or do you like more minimalistic colors. Find your favorite colors, usually about 1-4 colors, and use them across your blog and social medias. Don't forget to right the hex code colors down so you can remember them (example #ff008c is the hot pink color I use often)

Places to add color:

In your title
In your Headers, Subheadings. etcs
Bolding certain words or phrases
Highlighting certain words or phrases
Social Media buttons and links

9. Beautiful Pictures

Now finally Beautiful pictures are important! Blurry pictures are a no go now! You have so many resources for stock photos that you can use so there is really no excuse! I have over alot of stock photos that I give out each month! Check out these 15 stock photos that you can get now plus more! You can see 50 free stock photos websites that I've used in the past or you can get some new stock photos straight from me here and here's how to use them.

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