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8 Top Camera Apps For Android Smartphones 2017

Today we're going to list out the best most rated and worthy having camera apps for android which can replace your device camera and give you more exclusive features and also capture selfies.

OK here's the fact, every android phone comes with a pretty default camera which is capable of serving your needs during selfie. But as a geek or as someone who loves taking pictures and trying more apps than the default apps on your android, then you need to explore and benchmark the best camera apps that comes with more functionality and features. The default camera on your android phone is limited to some certain features, but the good news is that android allows you to download and install any third party camera app on your device in other to improve or expand its functionality.

Camera plays a vital role in our life, they help to capture motivating moments during an occasion. There are some phones which comes with a pretty awesome camera giving you a perfect pureview during snapture just like the NokIa 808 and other notable devices. A phone with a perfect camera is determined by its hardware and of course the software which is controlling the lens of the camera phone. Using your android phone default camera, you can not add touches or filter any picture you capture, also some of the android default camera does not have manual settings. So to get this feature, a third party camera will be your best choice.

In this article, we have explored and finally benchmark the most awesome and feature packed camera apps for android you need to try on your phone, they're loaded with impressive tools that you can use to beautify your pictures. So below are the best camera apps for android phones.

#1. Camera 360 - Photo Editor

Camera 360 is one of the best and most rated camera app for android. Its a free photo editor and a global lab of photography which contains professional editing tools to create awesome pics and images with the selfie camera and photo editor.  Camera 360 gives you the opportunity to stylize your pictures with beauty camera selfie filters. You can also make use of the inbuilt PIP camera to design your photos, and also create photo frames with poster effects or a poster camera. Camera 360 comes with over 100 funny stickers which are categorized, like Sketch Stickers, Smart Stickers, Emoji Faces Stickers, Animation Stickers, Music Stickers, etc. You can also blur, rotate, crop and color balance your photos. With camera 360 you can easily smoothen skin, brighten and enlarge eye on your pictures. Currently over 100 million people downloaded Camera 360 from the Google play store.

#2. Cymera - Photo & Beauty Editor

My favorite camera app, cymera is the most powerful editor smart selfie camera with exceptional hassle and an all-in-one beauty camera for android phones, you can easily find your perfect skin makeover and apply hundreds of amazing selfie filters and effects using cymera. This camera app features seven different and fascinating camera lenses ranging from divided lenses, FishEye, Lomo and more. It comes with the most impeding trendy stickers, animal masks, beauty filters, light effects, frames. Brush items for hand writings and drawings, apply variety of fonts in text feature, face pop and meme. One of the best thing I like about cymera is that you can add a stunning art effects with color splash function on your picture, also you don't have to worry about photo quality as cymera features a high quality resolution for clean and clear photos. Cymera is undoubtedly one of your best choice when choosing a camera app. Currently over 100 million people downloaded cymera from the Google play store.

#3. YouCam Perfect - Selfie Camera

YouCam perfect is yet another best Camera app recommended for your android phone. It comes with a real time beautifying effects which makes you look perfect in every frame, easily retouch photos to adjust skin tone, add filters,  wrinkles, erase pimples, edit tired eyes, reshape your face, and look thinner in just a few touches. YouCam is the only selfie camera and picture editor you will ever need with hundreds of collages, frames, stickers and fun scenes. Its also capable of making your skin look smoother, makes dry skin, wrinkles, acne and fine lines all disappear, also you can use add blush and remove shine to reveal a clear face, even without makeup. YouCam perfect works flawlessly and can add a luminous face in all your pictures. Currently over 50 million people downloaded YouCam perfect from the Google play store.

#4. Z Camera

Z Camera is another popular camera app for android smartphones developed by the prestigious Go team. It comes with an intuitive interface which allows you to switch between photo and video with one swipe. Also Z Camera comes with awesome features perfect for every picture you snap with using your android phone. There is a real-time filter in z camera which allows you to preview filter effect before taking pictures or shooting videos. You can also make us of the photo editor to beautify your pictures with emoji, doodle, text and lots more. Use the inbuilt HDR feature in z camera to improve images captured in low-light and backlit scene. Also you can easily keep your private photo safe with z Camera. Currently over 10 million people downloaded Z Camera from the Google play store.

#5. Retrica

Retrica is the top 5 best camera app for android with the most intriguing features, it allows you to take photos and videos with 120 awesome filters, and make your own album with your friends. Forget photo-editing, you can easily use the real time filter on retrica to capture with you see on the screen with ease. One of the best thing about retrica is that you can turn your collage shots or video into GIF with just one simple tap. Use the shuffle filter on retrica  when you want to view some pleasant surprise or perhaps when you don't know which filter to use. Retrica has been one of the most talked-about camera app since its existence, you can esaily decorate your photos and videos with retrica's original Stamp. Certainly you will love this app since its packed with impressive features that allows you to snap photo and decorate it. Currently over 100 million people downloaded retrica from the Google playstore.

#6. Cartoon Camera

Cartoon camera is one of the coolest camera app ever developed for android, you easily create cartoon and sketch like photography using cartoon camera. It comes with 12 different effects like cartoon, color drawing, sepia, white strokes, dark strokes, colored edges, pencil sketches and many more. You can easily adjust each edge strength, color sensitivity and saturation. Cartoon Camera comes with an auto-focus which is capable of capturing an object in one tap. Also it supports a camera flash which can be used to snap selfies at night. Cartoon camera is fully loaded with awesome and tremendous features that can produce the best out of your picture, the app comes in two version which includes the Pro version and the free version. You can easily purchase the Pro version to get more features and better quality. Use cartoon Camera to paint your life. Currently over 10 million people downloaded cartoon Camera from the Google playstore.

#7. Camera MX

Another super stunning Camera app for android smartphones. Camera MX comes fully loaded with impressive and aesthetic features, the app has been with us for years now and people are testifying to it, you can easily turn your captured pictures into GIFs and share your moments with your friends. Find the style you which to use on your captured picture with the variety of effects and filters presented in camera MX. Also you can easily give photos unique looks with the countless possibilities that are in camera MX. Camera MX is my favorite camera app when I feel like snapping some joyous moment, it gives you the best quality of images which are saved in your sdcard. Also you can simply rewind your live shots and save single pictures. You will get to love this app ounces you start using it. Currently over 10 million people downloaded Camera MX from the Google play store.

#8. Night Camera

Night Camera is the best android camera app which you can use to capture high quality image in low light. No matter how dark is it, night camera is fully capable of taking sharp and noise free images. Not only thst, you can also see the scene clearly with night vision viewfinder. If you are the type that loves snapping pictures at night, then there's no Camera app for android smartphones that can serve you better more than night Camera. With night camera you can capture images at night with no blur effect, no noise, present full resolution of the captured image and it comes with advanced low light technique based on multiple exposure fusion. You can purchase the Pro version of this app to get better features like zoom, location tagging and more. Night Camera is a perfect tool for shooting indoor images, at night and evening, in twilight and any other dark environment. Currently over 5 million people downloaded night camera from the Google playstore.

Authors Desk

So you want to look like a goddess huh? Then the above Camera apps can give you what you desire once you combine the perfect tools together. In as much as there are tons of Camera app for android phones, the above listed camera app can perfectly server your needs efficiently. Smoothen your face and add more touches to it only with the above recommended camera app. Instabeauty rocks!. Don't be behind. Experience and capture wonderful moments everywhere you go only with the above Camera apps.
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