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8 Top Keyboard Apps For Android 2017

Improve your typing skills with our top list of the best gesture, emoji and GIF keyboard for android that comes fully loaded with plethora features and is capable of revamping your stock keyboard.

The keyboard serves as a set of keys which we use to operate our android device. While the stock keyboard on our android device tends to look cool, there's also a chance that you'd love to try out some of the third party keyboards that unveils lot's of plethora features. As you've already known, android is awash with great keyboard and what defines the "best" keyboard is it's reliability and accurate typing. However finding the "best of the best" third party keyboards that can revamp your stock keyboard can actually be a no easy task.

Thus after vetting the Google play store, we decided to benchmark the best keyboard apps for your android device. There might be numerous reasons why you want to revamp your stock keyboard. Perhaps it has been giving you the blues lately or you just feel like getting something new and classic. Don't worry, for you're ultimately at the right place. Thus in this article, we're going to show you the best android keyboard filled with emoji, gif and more. So get your fingers ready to rumble across our 8 best favorite keyboard for android.

1. Gboard - The Google Keyboard

The Google keyboard is one of the fast, smart and accurate typing keyboard for android specially crafted by the Google Inc. Reliability and speed is one of the best features Gboard brings. Thus the keyboard had been integrated with a voice typing and gesture effect which painlessly allows you to glide through letters. Gboard also has emoji and GIF search to help you express yourself better. The Google Keyboard brings a new redesigned multilingual typing to let you switch language and also you can easily search and share apps right from your keyboard without switching apps. Also as you use this keyboard, it tends to learn your typing habit and use it to improve it's suggestions. Currently over 500 million people downloaded Gboard from the Google playstore.

2. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey has always been one of the most popular keyboard app for android since decades. The keyboard uses artificial intelligence to automatically learn your writing style including the emoji and words that matters most to you. SwiftKey is a fully customizable keyboard that allows you to revamp its color, design and themes. The keyboard types faster and includes an autocorrect and predictive text that actually works perfectly. Thus it can learn your slang, nickname and phrases automatically. SwiftKey is also a fully featured emoji keyboard that learns and predict your favorite emotions. Also you can use the swipe-to-type (gesture) to easily type your text faster. Currently over 50 million people downloaded SwiftKey Keyboard from the Google playstore.

3. Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Fleksy is one of the simple but yet customizable Keyboard app for your android device. The Keyboard tends to be fun once you get to use it and moreover it includes beautiful themes and allows you to find and send your favorite GIFs with ease. Fleksy is one of the fastest keyboard that uses the next-generatiom autocorrect feature accurately so that you can type without even looking at the Keyboard. The Keyboard brings over 800 emoji and stickers that can help you express yourself better. Easily type faster and save more time using the intuitive gesture integrated in fleksy. If perhaps you're looking for a Keyboard with powerful extension such as rainbow key pops, launcher and others, then Fleksy is definitely your first choice. Currently over 5 million people downloaded fleksy from the Google playstore.

4. Go Keyboard - Emoji, Sticker

Go Keyboard is one of the best keyboard specially made for your android device. The Keyboard improves your typing skills and thus you can easily type faster and correctly. One of the best thing about Go keyboard is it's customizable capabilities since it brings over 10000+ colorful themes with 100+ fonts and moreover you can slide to input text smoothly. Go Keyboard supports lot's of emoji and sticker and you can turn pain text to smiley. The auto correction feature integrated in the keyboard is smart enough to recognize mistyping. Go keyboard provides various layout such as QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard with a powerful gesture that support pad tablet. With the voice input support, the keyboard can painlessly type what you speak. Overall Go keyboard is the coolest keyboard out there that can revamp your stock keyboard. Currently over 100 million people downloaded Go keyboard from the Google playstore.

5. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

TouchPal is an emoji keyboard specifically for your android device to help you input text more faster than you can ever fathom. The Keyboard includes over 800 emoji, GIFs, emotions and allows you to text face conveniently. TouchPal supports customizable keyboard themes and delivers the best next word prediction and much more. Unlike Go keyboard, TouchPal allows you to DIY your own theme and set personal photo as background. The keyboard includes advanced features such as emoji been categorized in multiple category, boost the battery charging speed, customize keypress sound and much more. With TouchPal keyboard, you will discover the most powerful contextual prediction to correct your spelling error and capitalization automatically. Currently over 10 million people downloaded TouchPal Keyboard from the Google playstore.

6. Swype Keyboard

Swype keyboard is another popular Keyboard for android device. Whether you're a fast typer, exact typer or a swipe ninja, then you've to get ready for a better, faster and more intense keyboard experience that gets smarter the more you use it. Swype keyboard brings a customization option that can help customize your keyboard including the long-press delay, vibration duration, keyboard height and many more. The keyboard enables you to backup your personal dictionary to the cloud and synchronize it with any android device. Swype keyboard pays attention to the way you input text and thus create a personal language model. The keyboard includes lots of themes and is so intelligent that it can learn your unique vocabulary and predict your words based on previous usage. Swype comes with the best voice recognition, a gesture input and three unique tablet keyboard design such as full screen, a small and moveable keyboard and a split screen keyboard. Currently over 1 million people downloaded swype Keyboard from the Google playstore.

7. Ai.Type Free Keyboard

ai.type keyboard is one of the smartest and most personalized keyboard for android smartphones and tablets. The Keyboard let's you type better and faster by learning your writing style and the most impressive thing about this keyboard is that it allows you to customize and personalize it to your desired preference. Thus you can easily design the keyboard layout, change themes, colors, fonts and use more than 800 emoji and graphical chars to express yourself exactly the way you want to. You can also write faster by swiping your finger from key to key while using the keyboard. The keyboard features the best next word prediction and auto correction based on your unique writing style. Ai.type includes a voice narration and a search feature, you can resize and personlize your keyboard look and feel and set any image as your background image. Currently over 10 million people downloaded ai.type keyboard from the Google playstore.

8. Chrooma Emoji Keyboard

The last but definitely not the least is Chrooma emoji keyboard. I stumbled upon this keyboard recently and loved what I saw. It might not be popular yet but I can see it's popularity in the nearest future. Chrooma keyboard is a material keyboard that changes color according to the app you are using. Apart from that, it's lightweight and extremely fast. The keyboard is full of emoji and you can use the gesture to type faster. With chrooma keyboard, you can write in multiple languages simultaneously without having to switch the keyboard every time. The one hand mode feature integrated in the Keyboard allows you to type faster with just one thumb. Chrooma includes numerous styles and font and allows you to activate the night mode. You sure will experience the best chroomatic feeling while using this keyboard. Currently over 500 thousand people downloaded chrooma Keyboard from the Google playstore.

Final Words

Android has lot's of numerous Keyboard that the iOS can't boost off, however finding the best among them can always be a challenge. With the above listed Keyboard, you can now forget your stock android keyboard and try something sexy and more customizable. Regards!
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