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101 Ridiculously Useful Tips for Every Blogger

Everything You Need To Make Your Blog Awesome!!!!

 We all want to have a Successful Blog but I know we all have a different idea of what a successful blog may look like. Some may want the views, some may want the engagement, some may want the money, and some may want fame! Whatever it may be I'm not here to judge I'm hear to figure out how to help you!

In my 3 years of running my own blog I've come across a lot of useful tips that has helped my blog get better and better each year! I'm telling you if you seen my blog  3 years ago you would understand haha!

As a beginner blogger these tips will help you get the ball running at full speed, only if you are ready to take that leap! As a OG blogger these tips will help you gain back your blog and make it better than ever before! I compiled over 100 tips that I know are ridiculously  useful that all bloggers should know!

Starting New

1. Create a brand first. What do you stand for, your personality, your aspirations, your blog design is all important when learning how you want your blog to be perceived as.
2. Find your niche and/or focus
3. Figure out the best blog platform for yourself.
4. Figure out what makes you stand out
5. Decide if you want a domain for business ventures and actually get it
6. Be true to your voice
7. Don't look at stats so early in the game it will only discourage you.
8. Comment on other blogs and respond to your own comments
9. Pick 1-2 social media platforms and excel in it
10. Give stuff away like giveaways or freebies
11. Always have a notebook or app to write ideas in
12. Break the rules. Nothing is set in stone, make your own pathway to success!
What's in a Blog Post
13. Always have a call-to-action at the end of your blog post: Ask questions at the bottom of your blog to help engage readers!
14.Write catchy headlines that make sense: Not clickbait but make them something others will want to click on!
15. Make your post worth sharing
16. Always tell the truth: Don't let sponsorships and money hide you from telling the truth when reviewing products or services.
17. Find inspiration but make it better
18. Don't write too little or too much
19. Write with conviction: Mean what you say and say it like yo mean it!
20. Go for short paragraphs as much as possible
21. Use bullet points and number lists
22. Write like you talk
23. Know good formatting: Grammar, Grammar, Grammer!
24. Know when you can use other photos without it being illegal
25. Write about what you love
26. Get personal sometimes
27. Edit your old blog posts
28. Piggyback off of older or popular post by writing follow up to those post ;)
29. Do batch writing whenever possible: Create a day where you go ham on some blog post haha! This works best if you are a mom, in college, or have a job!
30. Always include some type of image in a post as much as possible


32. Learn some new SEO Tips and tricks
33. Do keyword researches: I use Google adwords, Keyword planner,  free of charge ;)
34. Use keywords in headings and subheading.
35. Use key word in your text and in your pictures alt tags
36. Don't be aggressive with keywords either: Do at least 5-7 keywords
37. Shorten your permalinks (aka your urn) to focus on one keyword phrase
38. Link to other websites and also backlinks of your older post: This lets google know you love other peoples work too!
Engaging Your Audience
39. Get Ideas from your audience: Ask what they would like to see on your blog
40. Understand your audience
41. Love your existing audience first: Show your love for the audience you have now
42. Encourage community to reply back with calls to actions.
Writer's Block Be Gone
43. Write for yourself first
44. Write evergreen post that never go out of style when you have writer's block: Pinterest has a tons of evergreen post ideas to check out!
45. Write down blog post ideas in a notebook: Check out this post on 100 Blog Post Ideas

Blog to Business

46. Build an email list: If you want more readers and clients email list are very important! I have Mailchimp but others use Covertkit too!
47. Learn how to edit photos. I use Adobe Light room but I started off with Picmonkey and Fotor
48. Get familiar with your camera or phone camera
49. Giveaway your knowledge with e-courses, coaching, and ebooks
50. Make your content easy to share with share buttons for all social media
51. Have an intention with every post
52. Set up rich pins on Pinterest only if you are serious about it: Check out this post about Rich Pins
53. Figure out how you want to turn your blog into a business
54. Making money from your blog then learn about self-employment taxes
55. Take a class to improve blogging, social media, and photography skills
56. Invest in good stock photos if you want to take your blog serious: Hint I do Custom Stock Photos ;)
57. Learn about scheduling apps: My Favorite is Buffer but I used to use Buffer and Hootsuite together until I switched to a month Plan on Buffer
58. Get into an affiliate program
59. Make sure your social media is noticeable on your blog
60. Automate other social media that you don't use as often
61. Invest in a schedule for your social media

Blog Design

62. Create a good web design
63. Update your blog  every so often
64. Make sure your blog is running properly
65. For WordPress, update or delete old plugins
66. Make sure new templates respond well
67. Consider a logo revamp
68. Make a favicon
69. Create a stellar about me page (check out this post all about how to style an About Me Page!)
70. Learn some Coding
71. Organize your blog to make it easier on your readers
72. Don't let footer space be left empty
73. Always backup your blog
74. Update all of your social media and blog profiles to one picture to keep it cohesive.
75. Create blog templates for easy branding
76. Invest in your blog
77. Learn your optimal times of posting
Perseverance and Endurance
78. Create a time to write and publish your blog post
79. Be consistent
80. Don't forget the importance of networking
81. Guest post and make people see you
82. Write as often as you can
83. Expect critics
84. Look for inspiration everywhere
85. Watch what experts do and do it better
86. Quality over quantity
87. Make friends
88. Avoid blogger burnout with this post!
89. Brainstorm new content
90. Create  goals each month for your blog and fulfill them
91. Research and learn
92. Give it time and don't give up
93. Ask friends and family for honest critiques
94. Learn from your mistakes
95. Spin critic into something positive

Networking and Friendships

96. Create a tribe of bloggers to lean on: Learn how to here!
97. Shout out other bloggers in your post
98. Collaborate with other bloggers
99. Don't be afraid to ask for help
100. Share other bloggers work
101. Reply and comment to thank your supporters

There you go 101 highly useful tips you should know for the new year!!!! Pick out some of these to work on this week!

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