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How To Get iPhone X Features On Android

How To Get iPhone X Features On Android

iPhone X is one of the most sensational devices that offers plethora features. But the price tag isn't something you can swallow easily, and you'd have to wait a little bit longer until the device ships into the smartphone market.

Apple's iPhone X brings a completely overhauled design, with the spectacular edge-to-edge display that nearly covered the entire front of the device. This is one of the exceptional concepts that made the device stand aside from its mates. iPhone X/10 brought some cool features that are quite rare in older iPhones. Most of this features include notch, face ID, animoji and the 'all-new' gesture multitasking. While many technophiles will prefer to wait until November 3 to get this features, geeks who are eager to try something new won't take that chance. Therefore, we'll have to use a workaround to get most of the iPhone X features on Android.

1. Face ID

The introduction of Face ID on iPhone X is a great concept, as you won't have to go through the hassles of unlocking your phone with the password. iPhone X Face ID scans your face through the infrared camera and thus your device gets unlocked and you can log into it. There's a similar app for android that can give you that functionality and that's Zoom Login. The app uses a 3D facial recognition algorithm and ultra-secure selfie-style face authentication to unlock your smartphone. Alternatively, there is an inbuilt "Smart Lock" feature on Android 5.0 lollipop that unlocks your phone using your face. Go to settings and see if it's there, then set it up.

2. Notch

Have you seen that weird bump on top of the iPhone X screen? It's called Notch. Apple integrated it when they introduced the new Face ID (a replacement for Touch ID). While some think the notch is cool, my opinion is contrary to that. But the notch is connected to the Face ID which uses an infrared camera to scan your face and unlock your phone. If you're eager to get the new iPhone X notch on your Android phone, then XOutOf10 will surely help you with that. The app simulates iPhone X notch on your device without root access and you won't have to spend $999 to get this feature. Grab the app on Google Play Store now and enjoy the camera notch that covers the iPhone X screen on your Android phone.

3. Animoji

Animoji is one of the features introduced in iOS 11, it is simply the animated version of the popular emojis found on older iPhones. On iPhone X, animoji will use the Face ID recognition to create custom 3D emoji based on your facial expressions and this will be animated in real time before you send it across to your recipients as a looping video with audio. With iPhone X, you'll be able to create cool animated emojis based on a scan of your face. For Android users, you can try this Animoji for Phone X app, since it creates stunning emoji of your eyes and face. The app doesn't bring an exact animoji functionality as seen in iPhone X, but it's close to it.

4. Gestures

If you decide to buy the iPhone X, then you'll have to re-learn how iPhone works. Apple ditched the Home button on the iPhone X to introduce a bottomless display and in this way, you'll only access iPhone X menu by swiping up from the bottom. This gesture comes quite in handy for multitasking, and you can use All in one Gestures for Android to get iPhone X swipe-to-go-home gesture. The app hides your device's soft keys and allows you to control your phone with simple gestures. One of the plethora features it offers is the ability to enable immersive mode on the device running on Android 5.0 lollipop. So get the app, set it up, swipe your finger across the screen and the action you want will be performed.

Final Words

iPhone X offers lots of handy features that'll make your smartphone experience easy. It isn't an overpriced piece of metal, and you'd love the device for what it is. So if you're an Android user, and you want to show your friends what the open source operating system can do, then the above iPhone X feature can help you with that. They're simply the best, go grab them now!.

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Top 10 Android Settings You Should Change Right Now

Top 10 Android Settings You Should Change Right Now

I’m pretty sure most of you have been using Android for a number of years now just like me and I’m sure you’re all aware of all the basic options and settings in it. But there are various settings that you can change to really enhance your experience on Android.

What’s up guys today I’m going to Tell you 10 android settings that you should change right away. These options will definitely enhance your Android experience.

1.Number Row

in Gboard Everywhere

If you’re someone who types like I do that is very fast I’m sure typing a number slows you down. Nothing’s gonna slow you down now G board lets you have a separate number row in the keyboard. Now I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the separate number or in G board in some apps.

But if you want the number in G board everywhere here’s how to get it. Just go to the G board settings page here go to preferences and enable the number row option once done you should see the number row every time you have the G board keyboard open no more long pressing is moving to the symbols page to type numbers.

Also if you are annoyed by the autocorrection in G board. Just head to the G board settings page and here go to text correction and just disable auto-correction. This will make sure that G board won’t correct you but you’ll see the suggestion strip so you can correct yourself manually.

 2.Get Chrome

Address Bar to Bottom

If you have a huge phone then you know how tough it gets to access the address bar in Chrome when using the phone with one hand. Yes, it’s disastrous however there is a way to get the address bar in Chrome to the bottom and attain some peace here’s how to do it.

In the address bar of Chrome Type this “chrome://flags” which will take you to the chrome flags page here tap on the three-dot menu button and tap on the find in page.

Now search for the Chrome home flag change the flag from default to enabled once done upon relaunch now. that is it you should now see the address bar in chrome at the bottom.

3.Hide Content

From Lock Screen

Lock screen notifications are handy right well not always people can easily see your personal and sensitive info from the notifications on the lock screen. who wants that so if you have been wondering how to hide sensitive content from the lock screen here’s how to do it.

There’s good with the notification settings tap on the Settings cog icon on the top right then just configure notifications to hide sensitive notification content once done you will see that the contents of the notifications are hidden from the lock screen.

4.Instant Apps

Last year when Google announced Android nougat. It introduced a sleek new feature in-depth instant apps which would be apps that won’t be installed on your phone instead you’d be able to access these apps by the browser.

Try them and see if they are good enough to be installed seems handy right well after months of wait instant apps are finally available however you’ll have to enable them on your Android smartphone.

Just go to google settings you’ll find the instant apps option and simply enable it that’s it now let’s try an instant app just search for the app you want to try for instance.

I am searching for the wish you can see the instant mark in its search result you can just tap on the link of the app and it will open up as any regular app it works just like any app work without digging up storage in your phone sadly not many app developers have updated their apps to support instant apps so you won’t find a lot of instant apps try right now

5.Speed Up Animations to

See Improved Performance

Android features various animations and transitions when you’re switching between different pages apps and they sure look fancy but at times the two seem to be slowing things down a bit.

Well, you can speed up animations to speed things up in your device first we’ll have to enable developer options for this just go to about phone app on the build number seven times to enable it.

Now go to the developer options in the settings page and scroll down till you find the animation scale options here you can speed up the window animation transitions and the animated duration scale.

I can set it to 0.5 X and you can see there’s a difference already everything just feels so fast you can even turn off notifications here to really speed up things but recommend you to choose 0.5 X for the perfect balance. If you’d like to see those fancy animations even better you can slow down the animations here

6.Power Button to

To Launch Camera

There are situations that demand you to take out your phone quickly and capture a photo now these situations can be tough. But there is an option in Android that can make things a lot more easier. I’m talking about the ability to launch

I’m talking about the ability to launch the camera by double clicking the power button. To enable it just go to settings and search for press power button choice for a camera and you should find the option now enable it and that’s it.

You just double press the lock button even when your phone is logged to activate the camera no more getting laid and capturing those perfect candidates.

7.Get Rid of New

App shortcuts

I install a lot of apps and if you do.You must have noticed that added automatically create shortcuts of the newly installed apps on the home screen. I’m not sure why shortcuts are created for every app out there.

If I want to see all my installed apps I would go to the app drawer right anyways this really messes up the home screen. Thankfully you can disable it you can just go to the Play Store settings in the Play Store obviously.

Here just untick the option that says add the icon to the home screen for new apps and that’s it you shouldn’t see any shortcuts for new apps that you installed what a relief.

 8.Smart storage

If it’s someone who’s struggling with low storage wars on your phone this setting is just the perfect one for you. I’m talking about the smart storage feature part of Android 7.1 as well as audio.

This feature removes photos and videos that are 90 days old and have been backed up in google photos to free up your internal storage. To enable this go to storage settings on your phone here you should see the smart storage option.

This feature does is it removes photos and videos that are 90 days old and have been backed up in google photos to free up your internal storage. To enable this go to storage settings on your phone here you should see the smart storage option.

Just enable it and all your old photos back in Google Photos will be deleted do note that this feature is mostly available in stock Android phones

9.Google Play Protect

Google Play protect the recently rolled out security feature for Android scans the device for regular security threats and it’s pretty great. Well I know it’s enabled by default but there’s one option that’s not enabled and that is something I think you should enable for better security.

Go to Google settings here scroll down and goto the security option and app on Google Play now just enable the improve harmful app detection option this is important because most malware and viruses come via unverified apps from third-party sources and this option will give pay protect the rights to access unknown apps for better detection.

10.Enable Autofill


Android oreo brings autofill to Android so if you have passwords saved on your Google account by Chrome or if you have your passwords saved in a password manager you will be able to fill in your credentials inside Android apps with ease.

However, you have to enable the autofill service in a device go to languages and input settings on your Android Audio running device. Here you will find the autofill service option. Just select the auto-fill service you want you can select Google or you can select the third-party password management apart from passwords. You will also be able to autofill personal information addresses car details etc autofill in Android oreo is definitely one of my favorite features

You will also be able to autofill personal information addresses car details etc autofill in Android oreo is definitely one of my favorite features

"Well, these are the 10 Android settings that you should change right away. Let us know if you know of any other Android setting that we might have missed out on in the comment section below."

How to increase your iPhone battery with iOS 11

How to increase your iPhone battery with iOS 11

iOS 11 is one of the most anticipated updates on iPhone as it will change quite the way you handle the mobile. Today, we teach you a tutorial for all those who are in the beta of iOS 11 so that you can increase the battery of your iPhone in the easiest way possible.

The tricks for iPhone that we are going to teach you today will be useful to you to save battery and to increase the hours of use that you give us in the day today. The new update of the operating system of Apple brings us many more options in this case as we saw in all the news. So we started with the tutorial to increase the battery of any iPhone.

Many times we are going to waste our money on things we do not really know they are. Therefore, IOS 11 has greatly improved how to display the management of the battery. To do this, we have to go to Settings, Battery, and there we will see all the applications that have spent battery in the last days. So we will see which apps are the ones that spend the most battery in less time, and proceed to uninstall or deactivate them.

To disable the iPhone always working in the background, we will simply have to go to Settings, General, Refreshment in the background. There, we will go to the only option that shows us, and we will deactivate the Wifi and data in the background. We can also choose the applications that we want to not run when they are not open.

  • Turn off the data when you are on WiFi

That your mobile is receiving mobile data at all times and that it is trying to get the best coverage possible it spends enough battery. Therefore, iOS 11 gives us the option of when we are connected to WiFi. To do this, we have to go to Settings and Mobile Data, and there, we will give you to disconnect mobile data to not spend as much battery. We can also choose applications that we do not want the internet to take to save battery.

  • Use the new iOS 11 panel to save battery power

Yes, the new panel of iOS 11 is very similar to other occasions, but this gives us more options. To save battery, we will have to easily disable the WiFi when we are using data, for the same reason as the previous point, because it is looking for the best WiFi network to always connect. Also, we will have to deactivate Bluetooth and Airdrop at all times, since they are functions that we do not use at all times and end up undermining the battery.

Also, you should put the flashlight to a minimum. To do this, simply on the same panel, press using the 3D Touch flashlight and put it to a minimum of strength.

  • Turn off Widgets

These widgets are background processes that are running at all times. To deactivate them, we will have to go to the iPhone tab, below the whole, where you edit, and disable all that we do not need.

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Video Motion Pro v 2.14.140 Full Version

Video Motion Pro v 2.14.140 Full Version

Create High-Converting Videos On Info Products, Video Courses, YouTube Marketing Content, Tutorial Videos Etc And Upload Them Instantly With This Brand New Software

The video is the most popular form of content being viewed online. It's what we use to market our products and services online as well as all top online companies, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Video marketing is the latest trend in the Digital Marketing industry.

How do you create high-quality professional videos people will actually pay to watch?

Well, you have only two options. Firstly, you could pay a freelancer to create it for you, but that would cost you hundreds of dollars and just for one single video. The other option is to create it yourself, however, video creation software is expensive and not to mention super difficult to use.

What Is Video Motion Pro?

Video Motion Pro is a powerful all-in-one software solution that helps you create high converting screen capture videos from where you can create info products, video courses, youtube marketing content, demo/tutorial videos, green screen videos, review videos, lower third animations, logo sting animations, screen capture, video outros and much more. Video Motion Pro is an all-in-one software that allows you to create, edit and upload any kind of video! 

Here's Some Of The Powerful Features:-

  • Video Screen Recording
  • Video Timeline Editing
  • Lower Third Animations
  • Video Outro Slide Creator
  • Green Screen Editing
  • Logo Animated Intro Creator
  • YouTube Upload & HD Rendering
  • Video WebCam Recording 

and much much more!

Top Benefits Of Video Motion Pro:-

  • You can use it to create:
  • Video courses (You can make $1,000’s selling on Udemy) 
  • Info Products (Launch your own info products on JVzoo, Clickbank or Warrior forum) 
  • YouTube marketing content 
  • Logo animations 
  • Lower Third Animations 
  • Green screen editing 
  • Video timeline editing 
  • Screen capture videos / Demo videos & Tutorials 
  • Video Outros (Like all pro-YouTube channels have!) 


This is a GAME-CHANGING software that is going to instantly give you the ability to create whatever you can imagine with ease.

Current members of Video Motion Pro receive free updates for the first year. This launch is for new customers only 

  • Custom screen size capture
  • Importing .GIF animations
  • Adding highlight effects to mouse cursor on screen capture
  • Full HD rendering (1920 x 1080p)
  • Split tracks on timeline function
  • Add multiple media to each track on Timeline
  • Redo & Undo buttons
  • Streamlining animations for instant creation (No processing time)
  • Change text fonts, size & color for all animations
  • Autosave feature (Autosaves your projects)
  • Text adjust on preview window
  • Resize media on preview window outside window
  • Audio track library within the software
  • Retina optimized for Mac
  • FLV as well as MP4 rendering options
  • Pic in Pic screen capture recording (Webcam + Screen capture simultaneous recording)

Motion Video BG's:

Motion video backgrounds is a set of video background footage which can be fully edited within Video Motion Pro. Perfect for video backgrounds on green screen videos as well as being used in promo type teaser videos.

ProMotion Ppt Templates:

Use these powerpoint templates to create info products and video courses. Simply edit the text and changeup images and then record your PowerPoints using Video Motion Pro to instantly create your video courses! 

WP Motion Optin:

Instantly create highly engaging video squeeze pages with video backgrounds. To engage your website visitors and capture more leads.

Affiliate Tune:

Quickly and easily create affiliate music track review sites for any iTunes tracks to make easy affiliate commissions on all the best selling music tracks.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google's very own voice-controlled smart assistant. It's considered an upgrade or an extension of Google Now - designed to be personal - while expanding on Google's existing "OK Google" voice controls.

For anyone who has been using an Android device for some time, you'll know that the Google Now feature smartly pulls out relevant information for you. It knows where you work, and it knows your meeting locations and travel plans, the sports teams you like, and what interests you. This data is presented to you in cards and through reminders on your Android device.

The "OK Google" or "Hey, Google" side covers voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control, letting you do things like sending messages, check appointments and so on your Android device, just like Apple's Siri on an iPhone or iPad. Google Assistant fuses all this together with a new bot-centric AI experience, designed to give you conversational interactions that cover both these areas and more.

Which devices offer Google Assistant?

Google Assistant launched on the Google Pixel smartphones and Google Home in 2016. It's available on Android Wear devices via Android Wear 2.0, Android TV via Nvidia Shield (and soon to be Sony TVs), and Android Auto. Originally, Google said Assistant would be exclusive to the Pixel phones, but this soon changed, with the company confirming it would come to Marshmallow and Nougat devices.

Since then, we've seen Assistant make its way to devices like the LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8, and OnePlus 5. However, the full experience is deeply integrated into the Pixel devices, so you'll get an awful lot more out of it than you can on other Android devices.

Google hasn't officially confirmed the full device list for the Google Assistant upgrade, but it comes as part of a Google Play Services update for devices running Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow, meaning that many phones should be supported. Google Assistant supports English, German, French, Japanese, and Portuguese, and Google has said it will roll out support for more languages.

Smart home appliances

GE Appliances announced in May 2017 that some of its connected appliances will integrate with Google Home. The lineup includes refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry machines, and water heaters. With the Google integration, users of Google Assistant or the Google Home device can use voice commands to do things like turn on the oven or check on a load of laundry.

But Assistant won't exactly control the devices directly. Your commands work by going through Geneva, the skill GE developed for Amazon Alexa. So your commands will have to start with the phrase "Ok Google, ask Geneva Home..." For instance, "Ok Google, ask Geneva Home to make hot water" or "to set the freezer to -10 degrees" or ""to set [the oven's] timer for 20 minutes", etc.

Google Home devices

Google Home is the company's direct competitor to the Amazon Echo and launched in the US in November 2016, since then, it's been made more widely available. It launched in the UK in spring 2017, with a British accent. Google Home is essentially a Chromecast enabled-speaker that serves as a voice-controlled assistant. You can ask it to do anything you'd ask Assistant to do on Android phones.

Following the launch of the Amazon Echo Dot, Google unveiled the Home Mini in October 2017. The Mini can do everything the regular sized Home can do but in a much smaller package. It can be connected to other speakers and hi-fi systems to play through them, too.

The Home Max is much larger than the Home and Google's answer to the Apple HomePod. It's designed with music playback in mind and so features two 4.5-inch woofers alongside two 0.7-inch tweeters. It too has Assistant built-in and with music playback, its targeted use can play music from a variety of sources including Google Play Music, YouTube, and Spotify.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Google Camera

Google Camera

Google Camera is a neat photography app that can help produce some great pictures. However, thanks to an independent developer with the handle B-S-G, a modified version of the app can now be installed on a number of other recent Android handsets.

The customized app, a variant of Google Camera v4.4.020.163412804, is said to work with Snapdragon 820, 821 and 835-based Android handsets. That means Android users with phones like the Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5 and LG G6 (all of which XDA, which picked up the story, has confirmed to be working) can now make use of the Google Camera’s impressive HDR+ mode.

Check out what this looks like on the OnePlus 3 in the stills from XDA below (the Google Camera with HDR+ enabled picture is on the right).

The app’s compatibility may vary for any number of reasons — it might not be good to go on all Snapdragon 810 devices, for example — and, though XDA has given it the OK with regards to potentially malicious code, you’d be installing it at your own risk. Still, if you’re looking for a simple way to try and get some more impressive snaps (like the one below, taken on the OnePlus 3) out of your handset, this could be one solution.

Never miss a moment with Google Camera's latest speed improvement, and take fantastic pictures with new features such as auto-HDR+.


• Mute Camera Shutter Sounds - Turn shutter sounds off from Settings (this option is only available in some locations).

• Selfie Flash - When using the front-facing camera, turn the flash on to improve front-facing pictures in low light.

• Fast switching - Switch quickly between video and photo mode with a quick swipe

• Easy access to photo modes - Easily create stunning photographic effects and switch between photo modes (such as Lens Blur, Wide Angle, Panorama, and Photo Sphere) from the top-left menu

• Auto-HDR+ - Google Camera automatically detects when HDR+ (High Dynamic Range + Low Light) should be used to capture great photos in low light and backlit scenes on the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P

• Slow motion video - Record slow motion videos in 120fps on the Nexus 5X and up to 240fps on the Nexus 6P

• SmartBurst - Hold down the shutter button on the Nexus 6P to automatically capture a stream of photos and automatically make GIFs


• Google Camera works on Nexus phones running Android 6.0 and above
• SmartBurst is only available on the Nexus 6P
• Slow motion video is only available on the Nexus 5X and 6P
• Photo Sphere and Panorama require a gyro sensor
• Photo Sphere, Panorama, and Lens Blur require at least 1 gigabyte of memory

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How To Approve Adsense Account Easily (100% Approval) – 2017

How To Approve Adsense Account Easily (100% Approval) – 2017

Adsense is the no. 1 earning and advertising network which is started by Google. This is the best and easiest way for bloggers to show ads on the website. Adsense is pay-per-click ad network and pay you some money based on cost per click(CPC). Advertisers set the price ( High CPC and Low CPC) on the specific keyword. When people search for something on search engines like Google, Then Google will match the keyword you are searching and show the relevant ad and the same thing applies to the website. In this post, I will teach you guys some best and easiest way to Approve Adsense Account easily.


Adsense approval process is not easy because they review each account very carefully. I don’t mean it's hard as a climbing mount, Everest. If you follow below tips and apply your Adsense account then you can approve your Adsense account easily. Many Peoples asked me that if it is possible to approve Adsense account from blogspot.com or WordPress.com subdomain. If you want to get Adsense approval in this kind of subdomain then it will be little harder but not impossible. Adsense will look for quality content on every website. If you have about 15 quality articles which are by you and SEO optimized then another process will be a lot easier for you. Make sure that your article has enough words i.e. more than 600 words in each article and make use of headings properly.


If you follow below tips then you will surely approve your Adsense account. Follow this guide carefully and if you faced any problem then comment below.


I always “Content is the king”. As I said before you need to write high-quality articles. You have to make sure that you write more than 600 words and that articles should be SEO optimized. As a blogger, you should always write words related to the title. If you write words which are not related to the articles then your visitors will also get bored. If your article is short then you can leave it short but don’t fill too many craps on it. You should write 15-20 high-quality articles before applying for Adsense.


No Copyright Error

You should always protect yourself from copyright issues. You may get a copyright on articles that you copy from another website. If you use contents and images that you downloaded from another website then you will get rejected by Adsense saying copyright issues. You are not allowed to download and use images from others website such as thumbnails. You are allowed to use logos of other websites if you are making articles about them.


Adsense verification process will start when you place your code on the head tag of your site. Once you paste the head tag on your website then Adsense team will review your website. The code you posted on your website is like a tracking code. It will get activated once you receive some hits on your site. When it gets activated then Adsense team will look at your site and send the email. I noticed that when your code will not get activated then you will get an email from Adsense to place the code on your website and after one day your application gets rejected.


This is really a Very important thing you should do to approve Adsense account easily. Google Adsense team will look at your pages to know more about your site. You should always make this kind of page before applying for Adsense. You should keep those pages links on your menu or in your sidebar. The user should find those page easily.


You should always choose a simple and user-friendly design. If your site design is not user-friendly then Adsense will not approve your account. If you have used navigation menu and page navigation it will be easy for your visitors and You can use free theme too but customize it well. Never put third-party ad when your application is under review otherwise you will end up with the site do not comply with Adsense policy.


I found many people create multiple accounts for Adsense and they forget to change the personal details i.e. Name, Address or Phone number. According to Adsense policy, you can have only one account per person. If you apply for another account then you will get rejected. If your previous account was banned then you can apply for Adsense account using a business account. It is risky to have multiple accounts under the same name. If you apply for Adsense and have an account already then change your name or address. You should make sure that your Adsense info and your about page name and info is same otherwise you will get domain ownership error.


I found that some people apply for Adsense and their site goes down many times in a day or load Very slowly. If your site loads slowly then use google page speed and check the problems and solve them. If you are using low quality hosting then you should change the hosting. There is some free host which provide quality hosting such as byte.host. If you are serious about your site then purchase hosting from trusted providers like a Bluehost. If your site gets down during review process then your application will directly be rejected.


Top Level Domain Name

As I already told before that you can approve your account from blogspot.com domain. Google recently make changes to their policies that you can approve your account but you are not allowed to use that Adsense account to show ads in other top-level domain like example.com, net or org domain.



This is most common Adsense rejection reason. If you get this email from Adsense then you should write some more articles and then apply for Adsense. If you keep getting this message then you should increase the words in your articles.

Insufficient Content Adsense


Google gives lots of times and looks at your articles carefully before approving your application. You will get this kind of error when your site has contents such as hacking, Cracking, and Illegal download content. You will get copyright issue when you are using others images or copying content from another site.


You will get this error when your site is written in different languages which Adsense doesn’t support. This also happens if you have a poor or Unresponsive design. You should make sure that you have about us, Contact Us, Privacy policy and Terms and Service pages. You should use the navigation menu to guide your visitors.

Site Doesn't Comply with Google Policies


You should always add your domain in google webmaster and submit your sitemap and fix all the error on google webmaster. This will help you to verify your domain ownership and you will not get Site doesn’t comply with webmaster policies error.


If you have followed all the tips above then now you can now apply for your Adsense account. You can follow below steps to apply for Adsense account.

1. First login to adsense.com and then create a new account or sign in with your current account. Make sure your age is over 18 in your account.

apply Adsense account easily

2. In the website, field type your website address and then fill out all the forms correctly. You should type your correct address and more importantly, you should choose correct country because you cannot change your country later.

Fill Adsense address section

3. Then, You have to copy and paste Adsense scripts in the <head> tag of your website. You will get an email when you approve Adsense account.

4. Now, wait for the Adsense team to review your account and then you have to make 10$ and they will send you pin in your address. Type your pin and verify your account.


This is the article which will help you people to approve Adsense account. If you people have any more questions about Adsense approval or you have any problems while approving your account then drop your comments below. I will try my best to help you and get your account approved.